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Drill Reamer

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Drill reamer is a cutting tool used in machining processes to create holes with high precision and surface finish. It combines the functions of both a drill bit and a reamer.

Here's a brief explanation of each component:

  1. Drill Bit: This is a cutting tool used to create cylindrical holes in a material. It usually has two cutting edges and a point. When the drill bit rotates, it cuts into the material, creating a hole.

  2. Reamer: A reamer is a cutting tool designed to enlarge and finish a hole to a precise diameter and smooth finish. Reamers usually have multiple flutes and cutting edges. They are used to improve the accuracy and surface finish of a hole that has already been drilled.

Drill reamer combines these two functions. It first drills a hole to a certain diameter and then reams it to a more precise size with a smoother surface finish.

Drill reamers are used in applications where high precision is required, such as in aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing industries. They are especially important in situations where parts need to fit together with tight tolerances.

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