• Coated Drill Bit Customization
    Coated drill bit refers to a drill bit that has a specialized coating or surface treatment designed to enhance its performance and durability during drilling operations. The coating is applied to the cutting edges of the drill bit to improve wear resistance, reduce friction, dissipate heat, and enha Read More
  • Drill Reamer
    drill reamer is a cutting tool used in machining processes to create holes with high precision and surface finish. It combines the functions of both a drill bit and a reamer.Here's a brief explanation of each component:Drill Bit: This is a cutting tool used to create cylindrical holes in a material. Read More
  • Introduce the advantages of Coated Composite Drill Bit
    1. Coated Composite Drill Bit High processing efficiency We all know that in the past traditional thread processing, there are taps, die, turning and other ways. The thread of turning is restricted by the actual production. Whether it is the thread of large caliber or the thread on the slender shaft Read More
  • What should I pay attention to when using a drill?
    1. Drill bits shall be packed in special packaging boxes to avoid vibration and collision.2. When in use, the drill bit should be put into the spring clamp of the spindle or automatically replace the tool library of the drill bit when it is taken out of the packing box. Put it back in the box when y Read More
  • China Knife Network that Meets Market Demand
    The informatization and networking barriers in the continuous construction support the high-profile development of the domestic tool industry, and at the same time, the impact on the environment has made the tool market in my country show new characteristics - fast and networked.The unavoidable Inte Read More
  • How to reduce tool wear?
    The tool can be said to be a very commonly used key component, and it is also very easy to wear. How to minimize tool wear is very important.What is wear?Wear occurs when two elements squeeze each other and produce relative movement (for example, between the tool tip and the milling material). Durin Read More
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