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What should I pay attention to when using a drill?

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1. Drill bits shall be packed in special packaging boxes to avoid vibration and collision.

2. When in use, the drill bit should be put into the spring clamp of the spindle or automatically replace the tool library of the drill bit when it is taken out of the packing box. Put it back in the box when you're done.

3. Non-contact measuring instruments such as tool microscope should be used to measure the diameter of the drill bit, so as to avoid the cutting edge being bruised by contacting with the mechanical measuring instrument.

4. Some nc drilling machine using the locating ring CNC drilling machine, do not use the locating ring, PCBA OEM OEM material such as using the depth of the locating ring of the installation location must be accurate, if you don't use the locating ring its bit loaded on the spindle elongation to adjust, multiple spindle drilling machine more attention should be paid to this, to make each spindle drilling depth. If inconsistent, it may cause the bit to drill into the table or fail to drill through the circuit board, resulting in scrap.

5. The wear of cutting edge of drill bit can be checked by 40x stereo microscope.

6. It is necessary to check the concentricity of the spindle and the spring chuck and the clamping force of the spring chuck often. The concentricity is not good, which will cause the drill bit with small diameter to break and the aperture is large. The clamping force is not good, which will cause the actual speed and the set speed do not meet, and the slide between the chuck and the drill bit.

7. The clamping length of the fixed shank bit on the spring chuck should be 4 ~ 5 times the diameter of the drill shank to clamp firmly.

8. Always check the spindle pressure foot. The contact surface of pressfoot should be horizontal and perpendicular to the main shaft, and can not be shaken, so as to prevent breaking and deviation holes in drilling.

9. The dust absorption effect of the drilling press is good. The dust absorption wind can reduce the temperature of the drill bit, and the dust can be taken away by colleagues to reduce the high temperature caused by friction.

10. The substrate lamination includes the upper and lower backing plate to be positioned firmly and flat in a hole and groove type positioning system on the workbench of the drilling press. The use of adhesive tape should prevent the drill bit from adhering to the chip on the tape, which may cause the chip removal difficulty and break the drill.

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