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Introduce the advantages of Coated Composite Drill Bit

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1. Coated Composite Drill Bit High processing efficiency We all know that in the past traditional thread processing, there are taps, die, turning and other ways. The thread of turning is restricted by the actual production. Whether it is the thread of large caliber or the thread on the slender shaft, it is difficult to achieve better processing in turning. The tap in the process of tapping, due to the stress, the speed is low, but also must reverse back knife, greatly reducing the production efficiency. As for die, production efficiency is lower, and waste of human and material resources. And with the help of three-axis machine milling thread, its linear speed can reach 80M--200M/MIN, and is not affected by the material, the same thread milling cutter can process different directions of internal and external threads!

2 surface quality is good because in the process of thread milling, Coated Composite Drill Bitthe back cutting quantity is small, the spindle speed is high, the thread milling cutter blade is sharp, the force generated by milling can let the iron filings fly away from the workpiece surface, so you can obtain higher surface quality. According to different feed rate, different machining speed and other milling parameters, can also artificially control the machining surface quality.

3. A wide range of processing, low cost of the same thread milling cutter, Coated Composite Drill Bit can be processed left screw thread, can also be processed right screw thread, can be processed internal thread, can also be processed external thread. And the tap die tapping, for different diameters of the same pitch thread, the corresponding diameter of the tap die! Thread milling force is small, good tool material, so in use tool wear is small, so for the same knife, can be mass production, low use cost.

4. Dimensional accuracy is easy to ensure that in the process of thread milling,Coated Composite Drill Bit each knife has a corresponding radius compensation value. Theoretically, for a thread that needs to be processed, it can be processed in one time. But in order to better control the dimensional accuracy, we can modify the tool compensation value by stages until it reaches the part size requirements.

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