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Material of alloy drill bit

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The main components of alloy drill bits are tungsten carbide, cobalt and so on. Alloy drill bits generally refer to hard alloy drill bits, which are divided into integral type, welded type, indexable blade type and replaceable head type. The main components of cemented carbide are tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc. The hardness is generally higher than HRC 90 degrees, which is more suitable for batch processing and difficult-to-hard processing occasions.

The alloy drill bits currently on the market are generally made of tungsten steel. The surface of high-quality alloy drill bits will be treated with a coating, such as aluminum chromium nitride coating. The coating is a single-layer coating with a thickness of 4μm and a microhardness of up to 3200HV, 0.35 friction coefficient, thermal stability up to 00 degrees Celsius. The color of the drill bit after coating is yellow-blue-gray. After coating, alloy drill bits can process low-alloy steel and high-strength steel. High-hard steel can reach 54HRC.

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